Teaching Methods

How Andrew Teaches

The core of my teaching regimen is to understand your goal then accurately identify and correct the underlying cause of the swing fault while enhancing the best components of your natural swing. The results of my instructions will be to simplify the mechanics of that ever-elusive golf swing so you can play with confidence and consistency, lower your scoring, and get more enjoyment from the wonderful game of golf.

The Golf Swing Is Simple

The basic golf swing is mechanically very simple yet there are countless variations of it because of the following:

  • Ingrained habits
  • Improper practice habits
  • Physical differences

The Fix Is Simple

As a result of these variations, the swing becomes complex and problems arise that adversely affect pure ball striking. I have consistently found that most swing issues have a simple fix regardless of the golfer’s level of play. Unfortunately however, simple does not necessarily equate to fast because achieving positive results depend on the following characteristics inherent in each individual golfer:

  • Desire to improve
  • Ability to implement the fix
  • Patience

And remember, old habits die slowly.

Have The Swing And Results You Want

To ensure that you have a repeatable, natural swing and consistently strike the ball well, I will eliminate flaws through simple, personalized instruction consistent with your physical capabilities. Then, with correct practice and play in a relatively reasonable amount of time your scores will improve.

Personalized Instruction

Working with various instructors and students over a 20-year golf career, combined with an in-depth understanding of and feel for the golf swing enables me to use the learning methods most effectively suited to improve your game. During the instruction I will use this expertise to precisely explain the problem’s cause and the effect each adjustment will have on your swing through the following means:

  • Verbal communications
  • Viewing and analyzing video frame by frame in slow motion
  • Demonstrating what you are doing correctly and incorrectly


If you are beginning this great game my approach to your success is the same as for an experienced player: understanding, patience, simplicity, and open communication.


Regardless of your level of play, by working together we will achieve positive results and you will be a better, happier golfer shooting lower scores.

Let's begin to simplify your golf swing so you can strike the ball more consistently and shoot lower scores. Contact me at info@andrewgetsongolf.com to start.

  • All lessons are taught at Grayhawk Golf Club, Scottsdale, AZ.
  • All rates are subject to change without notice.