Andrew Getson

Andrew’s interest in golf began similar to most young boys – weekend golf outings with his father, Roger, who was an avid golfer. Soon Andrew knew he had natural talent for golf and his interest turned to passion that continues today.

By age 14 Andrew was consistently winning or finishing near the top of the leader board in nearly every junior event he entered. During this time his golf talents and successful tournament performance were being closely watched by the Victorian Institute of Sport. This is an exclusive sports program sponsored by the Australian government and dedicated to developing Australia’s elite junior athletes to compete at the international level in their respective disciplines.

At age 18 Andrew received and accepted an invitation to participate in Victorian Institute of Sport’s prestigious golf program led by internationally acclaimed instructors Steve Bann & Dale Lynch. The program used state of the art technology, “hands-on” instruction, practice, playing the mental game, and fitness as the core of its focus to develop champions.

Before turning to golf instruction as a full-time commitment, Andrew played professionally on tour in Asia, Australia and the Nationwide Tour (now the Tour).

Andrew and his wife reside in Scottsdale, AZ.